Reel and Ranch provides a service that is different. In some cases, our prices may be a little bit higher and our requirements a bit more extensive. This is because we are committed to providing the best possible cookout experience. We don’t cut corners. We use reliable vendors we trust. We take the time and effort to do things right.


We say it time and time again, ‘Every event is a little bit different.’ If you are considering booking a Reel & Ranch cookout, we should talk specifics. We can answer many questions here but the best way to get the most accurate and up-to-date information is to discuss your event with a member of our team. If you have already booked a cookout, please refer to your contract for more specific and detailed information!


What is the difference between 'Catered' and 'On-site' cookouts?

Catered cookouts are our version of traditional event catering while on-site cookouts are more of an interactive culinary experience. Both provide the highest-quality food and service with the main difference being how much time our team spends on-site and how much of the cooking process is on display for your guest to observe and take part in.

What exactly is your cookout 'Drop Off' service?

We bring our signature cookout to you. There are no servers or assistance once your event begins but we provided a custom selected menu with all of the fixin’s you need. We set it all up and return later to pick-up any non-disposable serving and display items. This option works best for smaller informal events and parties of less than 25 people.

Are R&R cookouts a good choice for wedding catering?

While our unique style of service and presentation may not be right for every couple, in general our cookouts can add many great wedding day memories. Every couple and every venue are a little different. If you are planning a wedding and want to have a cookout, we should talk ASAP. The more time we have, the better! Reach out today to discuss possibilities and availability!

Will you accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies?

Of course! We want all guests to have a safe and enjoyable experience at your cookout. We strongly encourage hosts to choose a variety of offerings to help ensure their guests have plenty of options available. If someone has an allergy, we 100% must know in advance. We will alter menu items and offerings in favor of safety.

Can I do a separate menu for the children?

Trick love the kids! We can create a custom kid-friendly cookout menu and also have a firm handle on the old stand-bys like Mac and Cheese, Chicken Strips and to-order Personal Pizzas.


Can R&R provide the rental items for my event?

We can absolutely arrange for rental of regular event necessities like tables, chairs, linens, glassware and china. We also have access to canopies, dance floors, lighting and sound systems. We rent them for you with no retail markup using our preferred vendors to ensure reliability and quality.

Will we be able to have a formal tastings?

Due to the nature of our cookouts, conducting a traditional catering tasting is difficult. We would love to share our food, vibe & experience with you ahead of your event. If you are planning an event for 25 or fewer, please see our Event Calendar for our pop-up event schedule. Stop by and check us out! Planning a wedding or larger event? Contact us to RSVP a spot at one of our locally held quarterly cookouts. Be our guest!

Can R&R staff serve alcoholic beverages?

Sure. Our team can serve alcohol and we offer several bar service options, from someone to pour beer and wine, to setting up a full bar with custom cocktails. R&R does not provide any alcohol. You may or may not be able to BYOB, this is a question for your venue or event planner. If you plan to throw a cookout at your home or office the choice is yours to make.

Does every cookout include a free first taste or last bite?

At all 'On-site' cookouts we prepare both a special first taste while the food is being prepared and also a sweet dessert bite to say, ‘Thank you,’ once the meal is through! For 'Catered' cookouts, hosts choose either a first taste -or- last bite. 'Drop-off' cookouts are yummy and convenient but are not particularly conducive to serving first taste or last bite courses so neither are included.

Who takes care of cleaning everything up?

If we brought it with us, used it or rented it on your behalf we take care of breaking it down, cleaning it and ensuring it is returned properly. We leave our work and service areas in the same or better condition than how it was found. We do not remove or retain flowers, centerpieces or décor nor clean up excessive mess created by confetti, misuse or overindulgence.


How far in advance should I reserve my date?

Wedding receptions and other large events typically book 6-12 months in advance. Smaller cookouts book a bit closer to the event date. Weekends, holidays and other popular dates often book quickly… some more than 12 months out. If you want to plan a cookout, we should talk ASAP. The more time we have to plan the better! Reach out today to discuss possibilities and availability!

How long do I have until my final count is needed?

The final count is due 7-14 days before your cookout. This count is considered a guarantee. Every cookout is a little bit different and we take great care in sourcing our food. Good sourcing takes just a bit of extra time. When your event is booked, your contract will include the final count date.

Is everything cooked on-site at an 'On-site' cookout?

It is our intention to do as much cooking on-site as possible. We do a LOT of pre-preparation and staging but our goal is to create an immersive cooking experience for guests. For each cookout our team carefully reviews any limitations created by individual venues’ location. We consider quantity, service and all other aspects of producing a high-quality finished product.

How many servers will be needed at my event?

As a general rule, we provide one server for every 25 people. Using your event details, we will recommend the minimum number of servers required based on our experience. Our goal is to make your cookout run smoothly, therefore we have a two-server minimum for all events.

Do I need an event planner for my R & R cookout?

The truth is maybe - but possibly not. We are a full-service catering company and take care of a lot. Food & service, rentals, set-up, breakdown and cleaning. Depending on the scope of your event a dedicated planner can help things happen more smoothly. For weddings, larger events, events held at top tier venues and those with extensive or intricate décor, an event planner may be required.